HLI Life Membership Award 2015 - Jane Edwards

It's difficult to think of anyone else more deserving of the Health Libraries Inc. Honorary Life Member Award than Jane Edwards.

Jane was there at the inception of HLI in 2001, and she was president from 2003 to 2013. She has, for many years, been the face, the heart and the soul of HLI.

Jane has had a long career in libraries. She became a library technician in 1989, and a decade later in 1999, a librarian. She has held the post of librarian/library manager at the Royal District Nursing Service since 1990.

Jane's contribution to the health library community began in 1994 as a member of the Vicgratis committee and Gratisnet National Committee.
When Health Libraries Inc. was formed in 2001, Jane volunteered to be secretary, and then she took the role of president after David Lloyd stepped down in 2003.

In the 13 years of Jane's involvement with HLI, she steered the group through many evolutions. She was an organiser of the 1st Health Librarians Conference – at Caulfield Racecourse, in 2003 – and she has been involved in organising the annual conference for almost every year since. Health Libraries Inc. has changed websites, Health Inform editors, Health Inform format, event formats, event venues, committee members – but Jane has been a constant throughout, embracing the changes, and often driving them.

Apart from the conferences to organise, there have been annual planning meetings, several professional development events each year, and monthly committee meetings. Not to mention all the emails written and phone calls made in-between.

The hours Jane has spent over twenty-odd years working for the good of the health libraries community constitute a career in itself. A career that brought her skills in organisation, people-management and negotiation to the fore. Jane has dealt with each challenge with grace, and a willingness to laugh.

For all that Jane has given to maintain and grow our community – the health library community is deeply grateful. Jane Edwards is a most worthy recipient of the Health Libraries Inc. Honorary Life Member Award for 2015.

Jeremy Taylor,

Chief Librarian, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

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