Life Membership Award



Health Libraries Inc Honorary Life Membership

The purpose of the Award is to formally recognise those who have made outstanding contributions to HLInc and Health Librarianship.

Honorary membership may be conferred on a member whose contribution to HLI is deemed as outstanding and of lasting importance to the advancement of HLI and Health Librarianship.

Benefits of Honorary Life membership include Life membership to HLI, subscription to Health Inform, registration to HLI annual conference and a framed certificate.

How to nominate

  1. Nominations forms can be downloaded here
  2. Members nominating a particular candidate should:
    1. Ensure the candidate fits the criteria for Honorary Life Membership, that is,
      • Membership of HLI (either current or in past)
      • Has made a substantial contribution to HLI or other Health Library related groups. I.e. Gratis, ALIA Health
    2. Provide a profile of the candidate that provides grounds for nomination. Could include but not limited to
      • The candidate's contribution to HLI or other Health Library related groups.
      • Candidate's contribution to Health Librarianship
      • Candidate's length of membership/ contribution

Closing date: Nominations are to be received by 3 May 2019

Contact: Nominations to be sent to HLI President, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Presentation: The Award will be presented at the  Health Library Inc Conference 13 September 2019.


Please Note:

Serving Committee members cannot be nominated. Conferring Life Membership is at the discretion of the HLi Committee and is based on the criteria stated above.