HLI President's Report 2014

of Health Libraries Inc. on Saturday, 18 April 2015

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    The year saw lots of activity for Health Libraries Inc.

    Professional development events were the first to see change, including new attendance charges and online registration and payment. Events were also held during working hours and targeted a broader audience. Highlights were ‘The importance of Hierarchies’, covering aspects of evidence-based practice, and, ‘Health Librarians and Grey Literature: what do you need to know?’, covering grey literature sources, resources and the growing importance of discovering more than just peer-reviewed articles. You can read reports on both these sessions in this issue of Health Inform.

    The main event of 2014, the 11th Health Libraries Inc. Conference, was held in conjunction with Health Libraries Australia, to coincide with the ALIA Biennial Conference in Melbourne. Both committees worked hard to put on a relevant program on the theme of ‘Collaboration’. HLI also purchased shared registrations for VALA 2014 and the ALIA National Conference / Health Libraries stream, to enable HLI members to attend events that would otherwise be out of reach. You will find conference reports submitted by these members in this issue, as well as the Health Libraries stream conference papers.

    Health Inform has some good news too. As well as being indexed in Informit, it was sought for inclusion in the CINAHL database. Along with this, the year saw the last print edition of Health Inform distributed. We hope you will now enjoy the convenience of online access, via the HLI website.

    To coincide with all this change, a new HLI logo was designed and the website revamped. A lot of work went into consulting with web developers, RealizeOnline, and we are still ironing out a few remaining bugs in the new site. Features include: a member’s only section; Health Inform (current and past issues); event presentations and notes; electronic membership application forms; as well as regular HLI information, documents and news.

    HLI thanks everyone involved in making the year a success. If it wasn’t for the dedicated committee, presenters, hosts and support from the membership, Health Libraries Inc. would not be in the position it is. Don’t forget! You can provide feedback, or just keep in touch, via LinkedIn and Twitter (@Hlinc).