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Professional Networking

The HLi website provides up to date information on HLi activities, news and links to other relevant sites. The HLi Email list allows all members to keep in touch.

Professional Development

The annual HLi Conference is held around October of each year and includes training, demonstrations of new products, and social events. Members receive a discount on conference registration. See here for more information about the conference.

HLI offers grants for members to receive financial assistance of up to $2000 annually to attend conferences or professional development opportunities.

Professional Awards

HLI acknowledges the importance professional development and research play in the progress and ongoing viability of our profession. To encourage members to participate in such activities HLI has established the Pat Nakouz award.

The award is named after Mrs. Patricia Nakouz (1922 – 2003), whose memory we wish to honour after her important contributions to the profession. Pat Nakouz was an outstanding pioneer of health sciences librarianship in Victoria (refer Health Inform v.13 (1) April 2004, p. 15-17).

The award is a financial grant to enable the recipient to conduct research or other development activities relevant to the health library industry, and to report back to HLI members and the committee in an agreed manner within 12 months of receiving the grant.

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